What Do People Really Want To See Online?

Do people want to see sales pages, opt-in forms, claims that they could make a million overnight if they just pay you nine ninety five? No, the vast majority of people will see something like that, and bounce off the page, as soon as they saw it for a spl

I want to try to explain to those trying to get traffic to their pages or websites, how to create viral content, or the type of things that people are going to want to see, and that might even go and share it with their friends. 

If something is worthwhile, then it is probably something that you would want to share with all your friends on Facebook, or your Twitter followers. 

A page only goes viral online when everybody in the world loves it, or at least the vast majority of people. The type of pages that go viral are internet comics, funny photos, funny videos, that are made to appeal to the lowest common denominator of regular people. 

How does this relate to you, if you are trying to sell baby powder? It's very simple, you get a funny video made of a baby farting clouds of baby powder everywhere, and believe me, if it's good enough, and funny enough, and you start the video off with a good round of promotion, it will start to spread through word of mouth. 

Take the example of the Old Spice ad that went viral on You Tube, and got hundreds of millions of views. The funny black guy who says "I'm on a horse". 

That's the sort of out of the box advertising genius that got people talking about that brand again, and probably increased sales by tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


How To Make Viral Content

I can't tell you how to make content that people think is good enough that they want to share it with their friends, it's an art form that you probably can't even copy, but you can copy some of the viral content that other people have made that is successful. 

Here's a video called Oh My God! What Is That? I made that one myself, by combining a funny gif that I found in a search on Google images, and a recording of a guy saying "oh my God!!!" from the movie Troll 2. 

There are already hundreds of popular videos online that take that clip from that terrible movie and edit it together in different ways.

For example, here's a really popular one that inspired me to try to make one of these, and it's called Oh My God as well. As you can see, that one has well over a million views on it, and by me making one of these, I'm trying to get some views from people who might have finished watching one of those, and want to see another. 

Then, they see my video in the suggested results in the sidebar, and I get tons of traffic to my video without even ranking on Google. 

Why would I want lots of traffic to this video when there's nothing in it, not even a link to a page I own? I might put in a link of some kind later, but the point is, I want to get a viral video, and I want to get subscribers, links back to my videos, boosting the ranking of my channel, so that my other videos also do better. 

If you get a video that gets a million views, that almost always comes with a thousand new subscribers, some back links, some comments, and generally helps your channel rank higher and get more views. 

If you constantly make boring videos that nobody wants to watch, then every video you make on that channel from then on will have a harder time getting views. It's all about the quality, whether it's on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, or even on Google. 

Obviously with a Google search you find the people who are actually looking for your product if they type in a specific buyer keyword, but even there, you want to make the highest quality content with viral appeal, so that they click your social sharing buttons, and share that page with their friends. 

SEO companies are even going to the extreme of not caring at all about the keywords on a page, and targeting social media with a viral page. 

I'm on Stumble Upon, and the only pages of mine that I really ever share are my You Tube videos, and my blog Video Mobster, which has the best video from You Tube on it. 

You will find that stupid crazy things get shared thousands of times more often than boring sales pages, and if you don't know how to make an ad in the way an advertising company would make an ad on TV, with some humor in it, then you won't have as much luck in catching random traffic. 

There are those people who search for you, and then there are those people who would never even think of searching for you, and the only way to reach them is with social shares from their friends, or with ads, and people are a lot more likely to want to look at their friend's shares than the ads next to their dashboard. 


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