Should Your Business Have a Blog

Should your business have blog? What are the benefits of blogging for business? Can it raise your company profile and improve your Website? Traditional forms of advertising and brochure style Website are losing popularity and are rapidly being taken over with 'soft selling' through the use of social media such as blogging and Twitter. In this article I would like to examine the benefits of having a blog on your Website. As a business you have expertise in your field and through your blog you are able to offer free advice to your customers and visitors to your blog. When people visit a traditional Website they have been driven there for the need for a product, information or to be entertained.

To get regular visitors to your Website and to keep your company name and product before people a blog is a very useful tool. It is good to write articles on a regular basis and let your email list know each time a post is published. The content of each article needs to be well thought out and written in an easy to read style. Don't write too much or too little, 300 - 500 words is the range to aim for that is a proven amount to work. For subjects that may need more words try and write in the form of part 1, part 2 etc. This is also useful in that it will get people to come back for the next installment! However do this very sparingly as most people will enjoy one off articles to get the information they need in one go and in one place.

If you can, include a small picture or illustration to give some colour to the page especially if it helps to explain something that you have written about.

Your blog should not give the appearance of a sales page. By all means review a product that you sell but do not state your selling price or in fact that you even sell it. You can hyper link the name of the product to your sales page and leave it at that. People visiting your site know that you sell products or services and therefore when reading a blog do not want to be sold to but rather be informed. They know that they can buy from you if they choose. The purpose of your blog is to build a relationship between you and your business and your customers both existing and potential.

There are some really good business blogs that have tapped into this idea and sadly some really bad ones! Simply set out to inform and help people and you will win readers and ultimately customers. Blogs will also keep existing customers in contact with you and will strengthen your business relationship.

So do not delay get a blog established, follow these principles and write a post at least once a week and you will find that your customers and others will really appreciate it.


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