My Google Plus Account Was Suspended

I lost my Google Plus account, or rather had it terminated without warning, and I am one of hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of people in the same situation. You may be asking "can I get my Google Plus account back?" The answer is, probably no,

OK, so I had my Google Plus account suspended, and I can't get it back. I've tried pretty much everything, and I've realized that as usual, Google does not care about anyone. 

I worked it on getting followers for over a year, spending hundreds of hours clicking buttons, and had built it up to over 3,000 people who had me in their circles. Then for no reason at all, and with no warning, it was suspended, with a message saying they would do a review and send me an email in a few days. 

No email came, and I don't expect it to. I talked to the people in the Google Plus Discuss group on Google Groups, and got shown no sympathy, just a bunch of complete and utter bastards. 

They don't care that I did nothing wrong, that I worked on it for a year, and was doing exactly the same thing as half of the other people on the whole site, (which was posting links, not spamming). 

They just forget about it, and hope that you do too. I'm not forgetting about it, and I want to make people aware of how easy it is to lose a Google Plus account, and how most of you who are using the site are already breaking the terms of service, without knowing it.


Google Plus User Content And Conduct Policy

This one is an amazing piece of legal mumbo jumbo, that gives them the right to suspend anyone's account, for any reason they see fit, without having to give a reason, and without any warning. You could be next. 

Let's say you wanted to post a link to the website of the beer you like to drink. "Do not facilitate the promotion or sale of pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, weapons, or health/medical devices."

Or let's say you wanted to post a link to a website that sold energy drinks containing guarana: "We may also remove content that offers or promotes the sale of substances that mimic the effects of illegal or regulated drugs."

There is in fact a million and one ways that you could break the terms of service without meaning to, and for any one of these reasons, they can suspend your account, and most likely will suspend your account, without warning, without mercy, and for no reason that makes any sense whatsoever to the average human being. 

Therefore, it is not even a site that it is safe to join to talk to your friends, if you don't want to have wasted hours and hours of time setting up a Google Plus account which is likely to be suspended permanently, for any reason they see fit.

If you have had your Google Plus account suspended, then I would suggest you leave it suspended. I get 90% of the traffic to my videos, articles, blog posts and pages through social media, and what I was getting from that account was less than 0.01% of the total amount of views. Not at all worth the time, effort, and the ultimate slap in the face with a suspended account from those bastards at Google Plus, and I don't say that lightly. 


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