More Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Consider Outsourcing Their Marketing Needs

Small business owners have enough to do on a daily basis to try to remain competitive. If they do not have marketing expertise, outsourcing their marketing efforts to an outsourced marketing consulting company is something they might want to consider.

The Internet offers small business owners an enormous arena for promoting their brands. However, many don't have enough time to give their marketing efforts the time and effort they deserve. Following are many areas of Internet marketing that small business owners should consider utilizing. Depending upon their specific situation and industry niche, the small business owner can choose which methods would provide them with maximum brand exposure. They should also keep in mind that outsourcing their marketing efforts is an option and perhaps a cost-effective, valuable one.


Do you currently maintain a blog but don't have the time to keep it up-to-date?

Do you want to start blogging but can't imagine how you will find the time to give it the attention it deserves for maximum search engine optimization?

Do you wonder how you will find the time to sort through the vast amounts of information in blogs, forums and other social networking platforms in your specific industry?

Are you concerned that you won’t have the time to identify the latest trends, most newsworthy information and the most relevant content for you to choose from so you can attend to the day-to-day running of your own business?

Do you know that posting comments on others' blogs is the best way to drive traffic to your own blog but it is also very time-consuming?

Article Marketing

Attract visitors to your web site, build link popularity and brand awareness, and increase search engine rankings.

Article marketing can help drive traffic to your website.

Most article websites have resource boxes where the author can include a brief biography as well as links to his/her website and/or blogs.

Because search engines, particularly Google, count the number of links that point to a website, if you have many sites link to yours, it helps boost your search engine rankings with the effect of increasing traffic and thus gaining more sales or subscribers from your site.

Establish yourself as an expert in your field

No matter what product or service your company sells, you, as the business owner, need to be visible and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

If people find your articles contain valuable information that they need, they will come to respect and trust your opinion. They will start to seek you out with the result being an increase in your Internet presence

Helps to pre-sell products

Potential customers often don't want to be sold right away.

They want more information about the product or service before making a decision.

Writing an article about how your product or service will solve their problem and pointing out all the benefits of the product will allow the visitor to make an informed decision.

Your article will help place them in a better position to buy your product or service

Gain returning visitors to your web site

Articles that you write and distribute stay in the search engines and the links remain on the other peoples' websites for a long time.

The effect is a constant stream of traffic but you need to develop new content and continue to submit articles on a consistent basis.

Your article may also be a constant source of information for people searching the net about your topic.

They may link to it from their site to keep it as a valuable resource for their visitors

Article Marketing is free advertising

It's a self-generating marketing machine that produces a constant flow of visitors thereby increasing your website traffic

For the busy entrepreneur, this might seem like an overwhelming task.

Press Release Marketing

Press releases are an effective tool for distributing content to the media and consumers and they can easily be syndicated creating an excellent opportunity to attract incoming links.

There are wire services for any budget; if your marketing budget is limited, there are plenty of free wire services.

Well written press releases with good content, like articles, are often picked up by others in your industry which naturally adds links back to your website.

Press release content is different from article content in that the release must contain more newsworthy information while playing down the promotional aspects of the article.

Directory Submissions

Directories organize links under various categories and sub-categories.

Search engines use web directories as potent referral systems and there is a reason behind it.

Because most directories require manual submissions, your links are reviewed by humans and are therefore, subject to a high level of scrutiny.

Approval and inclusion of your link in a directory is seen by the search engines as a validation of your site and your site is ranked higher because of this perceived value than links that are submitted with software assistance.

As a result of your URL being submitted to quality and industry-specific directories, your link is indexed by the search engines quickly.

Directory submissions give you one-way links.

Search engines consider one-way links (as opposed to reciprocal links) with higher regard.

You are able to enter a search title containing your keywords (which can be different than your URL) thereby improving your search engine rankings.

Another great benefit of directory submissions is that the majority of them are free – again, free advertising for your company and your website.

Finding the most suitable directories to submit your website to is time consuming and tedious.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be thought of an indirect method of marketing your business.

It is a powerful process which utilizes the principles of traditional marketing to programs with social ends that ultimately promotes your business through social media channels.

Social media marketing is the new wave of online marketing and might be considered an indirect method of marketing.

Traditional marketing focuses on immediate sales and gets right to the point. This is who we are, this is what we do, this is why you should buy our product or service, now buy it.

The length of traditional sales cycles vary within industries but the goal is the always the same – close that sale.

Social media marketing has the same goal but the means to the end are very different.

It is generally frowned upon to try to do sell your product or service on industry forum sites, for example.

Those forums are in place for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and networking.

Most forums have a separate advertising section where businesses can pay for advertising.

The idea behind participating in forums is to establish yourself as your industry expert.

Sharing your knowledge and learning from those in the same industry or your target market results in exposure for you and your business.

If you provide helpful information, make constructive comments and ask appropriate questions, you will be offering value to potential customers and they will, eventually, come to look for more value from you.

Naturally, your ultimate value is in the product or service you are trying to sell.

The inherent problem with social media marketing is that it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve the eventual desired result – that being the sale.

Many business owners either don’t have the time to devote to something that does not provide immediate desired results (the delayed gratification theory) or they are resisting utilizing the powerful social media marketing available options specifically because of its indirect approach to sales and the time it takes to see results.


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