Marketing on Facebook: The Most Important Advertising Tools

Facebook faces stiff competition from other highly popular online social media and blogging platforms in order to gain the lion’s share in an ever increasing, diverse and demanding online social media market, and, as a result, attract the attention

Facebook timeline: What is it? How is it used by marketers? 

One of the most recent additions in Facebook’s features has been the Facebook timeline. Although a number of users have found it pretty complex handle, the final impression and the purpose of this feature is for a specific Facebook profile or fan page to be able to demonstrate the most important personal life milestones, company achievements etc., associated with that profile or fan page.

In this perspective, although the Facebook timeline feature maintains its dynamic and interactive nature, it is more effective than the Facebook wall in creating personal or business brand identity.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Facebook’s timeline marketing potential, which is widely overseen by the majority of marketers and has been exploited only by a few savvy brands, e.g. the Wall Street Journal, is that marketers can get permission to integrate their own applications on Facebook timelines.

Do Facebook paid ads really work?

Despite the huge success of Facebook paid ads in terms of advertising revenue generated for Facebook, GM has decided to withdraw the program and instead opt for keeping a free Facebook page. On the other hand, retail giant Walmart spends large amount of money on Facebook paid advertising, and there must be a certain benefit enjoyed by this spending, since there is no sign of reducing it.

In general, Facebook paid advertising does not generate direct sales; however, it helps in developing a strong on-line and offline brand identity and also set the foundations for an engaging on-line community of consumers with an endless appetite for company news and updates on products, services etc.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that Facebook paid advertisements are more effective in the promotion of other Facebook pages than external web pages.

Facebook paid updates vs Facebook paid ads

When Facebook paid posts were launched, they were welcomed by marketing experts as “a potential goldmine” from which companies could generate an increased level of sales.

In comparison to Facebook paid ads, which were mainly used to raise brand awareness and user engagement, Facebook paid updates were found to be much more effective in generating sales, on top of social participation.

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