Marketing Mistakes And Successes

Everyone who tries out marketing a product or website online runs into some fairly similar mistakes and successes, and this article talks about both. How to avoid making the same old mistakes, and get quickly to the point where you know exactly what you n

The amount of online marketing mistakes I see every day could fill a book, or at least a very long article. In this one, I'm going to give a brief account of the marketing success stories I've had and seen, and the mistakes that I've seen, and made myself. 

First things first, let's start with the things that everyone runs into when they first log onto the internet. Ten million sites telling you that you can make a million dollars overnight if you just pay ten dollars for an ebook, but wait there's more. 

Claims of SEO experts who can get you PR 9 home page back links that will rank any site in a few days for any keyword for a few dollars, or claims of software, or Wordpress plugins that you just have to set and forget. 

Then, you realize that all of the modern sales pitches start with what I just said there, as though they were not one of those same sites, because they know that you were sick of hearing about all the old sales pitches. 

There is no magic bullet online, at least you'd be looking for a needle in a haystack, rather than making needles by hacking at a block of metal with a chisel, if that makes sense. 

I got a message by someone who had stumbled across one of these fantastic money making ideas, and it did have a great sales pitch. It said that you could make a thousand dollars a week in your first month if you just shared this website with your friends, that they would give you for free. 

What they didn't mention was that you had to sign up to get roadside assistance and pay a monthly bill. They also didn't mention that due to the way it was set up, it was network marketing, which some would call a pyramid scheme, or get rich quick site, and that most of the sites that you would try to promote a site like that on would ban you without a second thought. 

For example, Google Adwords would ban you, and so would Google Plus, and probably Twitter, and You Tube, and Yahoo Answers, and article writing sites, if they could be bothered trying to figure out who to ban. 

Talking about that, in the last few weeks, I've had a profile suspended, for just sitting there doing nothing. I had a Yahoo Answers account suspended because I added my email address to a few answers. 

I had a Google Plus account suspended because I had a second account which was also in my name. Before that, I had a You Tube account suspended for putting a shortened Amazon link in the description. 

I had multiple Twitter accounts suspended for using an application called Splitweet, or possibly Twaitter, and it took a lot to get them back. 

Often with a lot of these sites, they will suspend first and ask questions later, if they even bother to ask any questions at all. The reason is that there are so many spammers out there, it's simply impossible for a site to function without having some way to get rid of them all, and the problem is that that causes innocent people to be punished.

What Is The Number One Marketing Mistake? 

Google set up their new algorithms to stop SEO spam from working, and even punish people who used these sort of tactics, but social spam is now on the rise, from people trying to get traffic from having their link plastered all over Twitter and Facebook dashboards. 

It's not like that's a new thing either, but the number one mistake is to appear to anyone to be one of those people, if you can possibly avoid it. Learn how to do social media sharing rather than spam your friends with links. 

As a marketer, you have to balance appearing to be a spammer, and not spamming enough. If you don't tweet enough for example, nobody will see your link enough to click on it. 

If you don't make any back links to your site, the other sites that did will beat you in the big searches. You have to come to a balance that's right in the middle of going overboard, and not doing enough. 

I'm tired just from writing that, and I assume that somebody who didn't have years of experience in internet marketing would be very tired from reading that, so perhaps it's easier just to hire yourself a social media consultant, and get some advice to set you on the right path to start off with. 

Someone like that can lead you to successes, and help you avoid the marketing mistakes that are so common, and that can be so disheartening when they happen. My advice would be to not put all of your eggs in one basket, but to take advice, and learn as much as you can about all different methods of traffic building as you can, but be very careful about what you do online, as though somebody was watching you. 

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