How to Make Easy Clip Art

Clip art is great for decorating documents, stationery, websites, blogs or anything you do on a computer.

Clip art is great for decorating documents, stationery, websites, blogs or anything designed on a computer. There are many sites online where you can buy or get free clip art. However, for those who are artistically inclined, it is fun and easy to make your own.

To make your own clip art, you will need:

- White paper (printer paper works great)

- A pencil

- An eraser

- A thin black marker

- A scanner

- A program such as Photo Impression, Adobe Photoshop or something similar

Start by drawing or tracing the picture you want on a piece of paper in pencil. A simple picture is easiest to start. Once you have the picture exactly how you want it, take a thin black marker and trace it out. It is important that all your lines connect. If there is even a tiny break between the lines, the color may spread beyond the area you want it to.

Once you have the picture outlined in black, give it a couple of minutes to ensure the marker is completely dry. Then, take the eraser and rub out all the pencil lines that are showing. Be careful not to crinkle the paper when you are erasing.

You can now scan your picture into your computer. A Jpeg file format is usually easiest to work with. Once you get it scanned into your computer, you will be ready to crop and color it.

Some pictures will not need cropping. However, if you have a small picture on a full sheet of paper, you may want to crop some of the excessive background around your illustration.

Using a Photoshop type program, you can fill the color into each area of your illustration. If you are unfamiliar with your program, look for a “Create” or “Paint” area and choose the “Fill” tool. Each program is different and some are more complex than others are. Take the time to experiment a bit. It is amazing what these programs can do.

A lot of clip art has a white background. This is so when it is set on a white page, the background blends in and the picture stands out more. Depending on what you plan to do with your clip art, you may or may not want a white background. If you are making a clip art to go on a black page than a white background would not work as well. By using the “Fill” tool, you can make your background any color you wish.

When you have your picture completely coloured and you are happy with it, do not forget to save it.

Making your own clip art is fun and easy and a great way to decorate things with your own personal touch.

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