How to Get the Most Out of Branded USB Drives

One of the cornerstones of a successful business is making sure that any expense has a purpose that fits with the business model. This cornerstone has made branded USB sticks an excellent idea for companies in many different markets in various parts of th
                                promotional flash drives

 The two biggest problems are that these businesses do not understand the difference between a high-quality USB stick and a budget USB stick and that they do not adequately understand the USB stick market. Without the knowledge of what constitutes an ideal memory stick, a business may find themselves with buyer’s remorse and a product that poorly reflects their company’s image.

Step One: Get a General Idea

The first step in placing an order for flash drives is to have a confident understanding of how much memory the stick should have, how high of quality the plastic and metal should be and how frequently they will be distributed. Most companies don’t need much more than a 1-2 GB, basic quality stick that’s distributed between two and ten times per day. Memory is a market that grows fairly regularly, so the prices of sticks with more memory will continue to fall. The plastic manufacturing aspect of the stick is pretty consistent, so the base price on flash drives isn’t likely to fall.

Step Two: Schedule the Time Frame    

One of the other challenges that companies may face is that the overwhelming majority of flash drives are produced in China. Most locally purchased sticks will also be produced in China, and if they’re not, that probably cost a significant amount more per unit. It will most likely take more than a week to have the order finalized and received, so the business should understand exactly when they need the sticks. This is where step one comes in handy. If the company has a good general idea of how many sticks they’ll be using per day, resupplying is likely to be much smoother for the business and their clients or customers. In some situations, rush delivery is available. However, this is a larger expense and should be avoided whenever possible.

Step Three: Choose Trusted Models

One of the mistakes that a lot of businesses make is that they try to cheat their expenses by choosing lesser-known or otherwise cheaper models in order to cut costs. It is very likely that other businesses have already gone down this route and failed. Poor selection is more likely to lead to unexpected errors with reading the drive or problems with construction shapes being unwieldy. Easy shapes to work with are usually the twister, classic, key or torpedo shapes, which are available through various distributors. Another option is to use a credit card shaped USB stick, as offers much more available space for branding.

Step Four: Plan for the Long Term

The last step of getting a great value on promotional USB drives is to always plan for long-term shipments. Buying in bulk is nothing new, but there is one factor that make USB drives much smarter to buy in long-term situations. Over time, the relative cost of USB drive capacity will shrink. When this is coupled with bulk discounts, it becomes a bad idea to buy too many a time, because they will often be outdated before the next shipment. An intelligent approach to the situation is critical. Staying up-to-date involves buying just the right amount of sticks for business purposes while understanding that a better model will likely be available in 6 to 12 months for the exact same price.

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