How To Get Followers On Twitter Safely

This article explains how to get thousands of Twitter followers safely, and easily, without spending a huge amount of time doing things like manually following people who share your interests. I talk about the potential problems you might run into, and ho

I've been on Twitter almost since it came out, and over the last few years of writing articles, I would say that it is my second largest source of traffic to Google, or possibly even my largest source of traffic. 

Due to the fact that I tweet every day, and I get up to hundreds of unique views a day from Twitter, I would put it in the same class as Google in terms of what gets me views, and not just that, but views on the pages that I specifically want views on. 

Some people would say that to get followers on Twitter in a safe and effective way, you have to manually follow people in your niche, who share your interests, and hope that they follow back. 

Or, they might say that you need to have a button on your site or blog that encourages your readers to follow you. I'm not knocking these techniques, but they simply are not effective enough. 

The way I got my tens of thousands of followers was through Twiends. If you are in any way involved in internet marketing, blogging, running a website, you should have heard of this site. 

It works well getting random followers, if the things you tweet have an appeal to an audience of regular people. The difference between getting followers at random as opposed to getting more targeted followers is that you need a hundred times as many to make a difference. 

Depending on your subject matter, you may need a thousand times as many followers, but due to how easy it is, this is not a problem.


Problems You May Run Into In Getting Twitter Followers

I have pushed the limits of Twitter, to the point that I had multiple accounts suspended, and it was only through complaining that I got them back, but I learned some important things from that. 

You don't want to follow more than 1,000 people in a day. In actual fact, you can't follow more than 1,000 people in a day, so that's not even a problem. 

The main thing you don't want to do is un-follow more than 500 people in a day. I use Tweepi to un-follow those not following me back, and I go to the last page of the flush tool, and un-follow those people, as they are the ones who I have been following for the longest time, who aren't following me back. 

I got into trouble for using applications like Splitweet and Twaitter, now called Gremlin. They changed that last one so it now doesn't allow you to post recurring tweets, but that's the sort of automation that Twitter doesn't approve of. 

The links you post on Twitter can cause a problem, for example they don't like you posting links to Fiverr gigs, or any sort of affiliate links directly. 

You can make a blog post or page that has the affiliate link on it, but also be careful with accounts like You Tube, and Facebook, as they may also have a problem with you posting affiliate links directly on the page. 

That's about all I can think of, it is a good idea to have at least one Twitter account that has all the followers from Twiends on it, and you can get the followers by buying seeds, and also by clicking the button. 

For more information on how to get more Twitter followers, you can send me a message at or visit one of the links on this page. 


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