How to Begin As a Graphic Designer

How to start as a graphic designer.

As always in my articles, I would like to state that most of these words within this article are based on facts and experience from my years. 

Being a Graphic Designer is a strenuous process in mind, creativity and body. To achieve good designs you must perform these facts to achieve your creative peak.

1. Prepare your mind

Through books, guides and resources, learn the aspects of aesthetics and it's use in the arts. In whatever bookstore that allows free reading, you can get a grasp of design books, color pattern books and other readable material that will suit your fancy. Keep yourself informed of the updated trends that graphic designers see in the web pages. Be updated and informed at all times.

2. Grasp and understand your program fully

Take time to fiddle around with the image editing program you choose to use (whether it be Photoshop, GIMP or Corel Draw), and take time to create pieces and advertisements, once you create your first drafts, then strive within yourself to make better art with the second and third drafts so you can have aspiring results.

3. Always make the drafts first by sketch

As hypocritical as this sounds, but this would happen after you've felt satisfied in your first three creations. This is just to help you create your designs better with sketches, so you wouldn't waste time creating the designs by the program and also you have it all planned out fully.

4. Never forget to improve your creative talent through the help of others artists.

There is a proverb that states "As Iron sharpens Iron, so a Friend sharpens a Friend", seek the help of other creative friends, some may be blunt in telling how your flaws are showing out, but they are only doing this so they can help you improve. Most artists would seek the help of those who are more experienced in the field, especially those who have a foundational part of being within a creative print house. They may be frank and crude to their opinions but that's how conditioning works, they'll tell about your works harshly until you strive to right that creative wrong.

5. Join Competitions

Have the competitive spirit inside you to challenge yourself, the very reason why you go to contests is not to challenge the others and their works, but to challenge yourself and to see how far you can go in becoming a better artist. Have this mindset and you'll strive to improve in all things, keep a level headed stature when it comes to challenging competitors, be friendly and insightful of their works and always have fun, because whether you win or lose, you gain experience and life lessons to help you improve your art style.

With these lessons in mind, keep it within your heart and make the most out of your art style so you can be sure of your improving art style. Improvement isn't an overnight process but it's a constant challenge that takes us every day to greater heights than ever before.


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