Facebook Marketing Strategies - How Do You Use Facebook For Marketing?

Everyone seems to have their own strategy or technique for marketing or promoting themselves on Facebook. Most people I've talked to haven't worked it out to the point that they are able to quit their day job. If there is anyone who is making that much mo

Marketing on Facebook is something that people have been trying to do since the site first came out, and the more successful and popular the site became, the more marketers wanted to get in there and promote their business. 

There are millions of businesses in the world, and hundreds of millions of Facebook users. That's why Facebook allowed businesses to make their business pages as a way to promote themselves, and they don't encourage spam, but what you're really supposed to do is pay them for advertising through Facebook Ads. 

That can be extremely expensive to do, and 99% of people simply can't afford to do that, because you really need to have a profit margin of close to a hundred dollars or more to handle a low conversion rate from clicks if that happens. 

Let's say your campaign didn't go as well as you thought, and you only got a 1% conversion rate of people buying the product or signing up to your email list or even just liking your page. 

Those clicks would have cost you about one dollar each, and that means if you didn't make a hundred dollars or more from that one person who bought something or signed up, from every one hundred clicks you got, you're screwed. 

Another way of looking at it is that you need a pretty good product, or a pretty good plan with a good profit margin, or return customers, or monthly rebilling, or a list where you can continue to email them for it to work, and I never got it to work for me. 

My approach to Facebook marketing was the SEO approach, which doesn't cost anything, or if it does, it's the cost of building back links, building cross links and getting likes. 

Do Facebook Pages Rank Well On Google?

Facebook is a PR 9 site, the biggest, highest authority site in the world. It's already so huge, all you have to do to beat anyone in a Google search is get enough likes, and enough high page rank do follow cross links within Facebook from relevant pages, and a few quality back links from outside the site, and you look like a real important page, and Google will rank you. 

Many people don't believe this when they hear it, and they underestimate the power of the authority of a PR 9 site. Take Wikipedia as an example. 

If you make a Wikipedia page (such as this one on social media), and you get a whole bunch of cross links from other Wikipedia pages and then you get some quality educational sites to link to you from outside the site, nobody will ever beat you in that Google search, not ever. 

Not unless they come up with a way to do the same thing and get the same sort of authority from somewhere else, and that would take more work than the end result value would be of ranking for that search, unless it had 100,000 exact match searches a month or something. 

Anyway, the point is, I approach Facebook from an SEO marketing strategy, rather than a pay per click or social media marketing strategy. 

The social way to get likes on Facebook would be to try to contact targeted individuals in person through groups or friending them or something like that. 

I just try to get on the first page of a Google search, or a Facebook search. You have to be on the first page of some sort of search somewhere, especially with buyer keywords. 

That's if you're selling a product or service, and even if you're not, you want to apply the same logic to whatever you're doing. If you're promoting your blog which is just about things that interest you to do with butterflies, then you want to rank for butterflies in a Facebook search. 

I can help you do that, it is notoriously easy to beat the Edgerank algorithms as compared with the Google search engine algorithms. Just get in touch with me at rowancasey@bigpond.com if you want to find out more about what I do and how I can help you with your Facebook marketing strategy

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