Does Stress Make You More Productive or Less Efficient?

Graphic designers and other professionals are often overwhelmed by the stress of an upcoming deadline. There are strategies to combat this stress and help a designer successfully complete the project.

Working as a graphic designer or any other profession where you have been commissioned to create something for a client, can be a stressful job. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the creative process, especially when a client is waiting for the finished product. There can be pressure from all angles which threatens to stall the creative process and prevent the project from being completed. But there are ways to combat this pressure and help the designer finish the project successfully.

Often graphic designers and other creative professionals feel rushed to complete a project on time. The stress of the upcoming deadline can be so great that it halts progress on the project. When this happens, it is important to break down the project into individual tasks and then prioritize them. Once the project has been broken down into manageable pieces, the designer can handle one piece at a time. The designer can then address each component of the project with a deep focus rather than trying to tackle the project as a whole. Breaking a project down into parts gives a designer a series of manageable tasks to complete instead of an insurmountable pile of work to get through.

For the next project, there are strategies graphic designers can use to ensure that the stress of an upcoming deadline does not become overwhelming. The most important strategy a graphic designer or any professional can use is to agree to the terms of the contract with the client before beginning any work. Never begin a project unless all of the details have been laid out and agreed to by both the designer and the client. The service being provided, the amount of time it will take to complete the project and the pay scale should all be agreed to before any work begins on the project. This will ensure that the designer has taken the time to set realistic goals and the client has reasonable expectations. There is nothing more stressful than a demanding client constantly pestering a designer about the progress of the project. With the terms of the agreement clearly laid out in the beginning, both parties know what to expect.

Working in a creative profession such as graphic design can be a rewarding career, if the stress is not too overwhelming. High pressure situations can often lead to efficiency. However, too much pressure can lead to lower productivity. It is important to keep a balance between challenge and comfort. Stay organized and prioritize.


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