Creative Marketing Can Boost Your Bottom Line Fast

Birthday cards are always a thoughtful reminder to your customer base. Everyone knows about them, but not every business uses them. How about doing something different to make your business stand apart? Find a gift that’s useful and costs under $1 to ship and send to your customers. It’s out of the ordinary and the perceived value of this type of gift is very high, so the return can be incredible, with a response rate of upwards of 40% per mailing. You have to include a catalog and a special offer of course, but those are easy to produce with a desktop publishing program and a little out of the box thinking.

Can you build a list of 1000 loyal customers who spend money with you every month? What product do you have to offer? What service do you provide that can inspire that kind of loyalty? If you can’t answer that question in less than 30 seconds with a benefit packed statement, maybe you should send me an email for your elevator speech.

Where do you do business? One of the most interesting things you can do is promote your state or something unique to your area, and use it as an attention grabbing direct response piece. A company in Utah used a plaster replica of an extinct fish to open the lines of communication with new customers to get them talking. What do you have? If you are “fishing” for customers drop me a fast email for an idea that will not only open doors but have prospects ringing your phone off the hook.

A yogurt company created an adopt-a-cow program in their business. For customers who ordered a set, high amount they were sent adoption papers, a photo and free subscription to their company newsletter, which is full of increased marketing opportunities to a highly motivated niche. What can you let your customer’s adopt in your business?

When you create an innovative marketing campaign, like an adoption program or “Certification” program for your business be sure to publicize it. A great no cost way to attract more customers and increase awareness of your business is by using publicity in local newspapers and business journals. These small publications are hungry for business success stories, and will expand your marketing reach. There is also the added benefit of multiplying the exposure by creating a marketing campaign for your marketing plan. An interesting local angle can be parlayed into a national story if it’s successful enough. As you collect clippings about your campaign, you can copy and forward to a targeted mailing list of national media contacts.

Repeated exposure to your success stories will convince news editors to talk about you- the upside is a feature in a national publication or at least a link from their website. If you do get a national story, save copies and market your success to your client base. Nothing helps you sell more than increased credibility and an endorsement for your product or service that states, “As Seen in USA TODAY” or “As Seen on CNN” can rocket your sales into the stratosphere.

Another interesting story about a popular children’s television show can spark your creativity when it comes to advertising. After failing miserably in a retail giant test marketing campaign, the owner had to use her brain to get her product noticed. She selected a list of day care centers and sent out free samples, in this case free videotapes of the show. The day care centers would show the tapes to the kids, who would bug mom and dad to get a copy of the tape. Parents would ask the day care owners who sent them to the retailer. Bam! Increased demand through controlled exposure to the target market built incredible demand. The product became a fast hit and a worldwide phenomenon. Now how can you apply that principle to your business? How can you create demand for your product? Who can become the trendsetters or tribe who spreads the message about your business? The key is to utilize your creativity to the max for little to no cost to build huge profits based on your efforts.

Chris Lowry is the founder of Lowry Media and author of several business books. Want Chris’ help with your next marketing plan or just brainstorm some ideas? Shoot me a quick email at


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