Business Success: Putting a T-Shirt on It

The t-shirt printing business has been going full steam ahead for years, creating what many would consider a point of diminishing returns for the industry. Fortunately, despite this situation, many with both a bit of marketing savvy and an ability to spot

This business can be quite expensive to get into, depending on how and what equipment is purchased as well as the types of shirts that are stocked, but if you want to get into the business, especially on a shoestring, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Fill a niche. It's often been said about business to find a niche and fill it, and as well worn as that advice might seem, it's still true. The truth is, niches for printed t-shirts open all the time, so if you keep your eyes open for new opportunities and are quick to exploit them, you can still get ahead. Filling niches can also give you reach that your local market can't give you either. For example, choosing to specialize in t-shirts for fraternal organizations will open the doors to selling your products across the country and around the world. Or maybe you could choose to specialize in printing t-shirts that have humorous or clever sayings on them. A niche can be as broad or as narrow as you choose to make it.

2. Get legal. Having all of the proper business licenses before you get started lends a lot of legitimacy to your business. And for what is usually a very small cost, you can prove yourself to be among the best of them.

3. Low Cost, Reasonable Price. That old saying about buying low and selling high isn't just a time-worn platitude. It's a key to success. Especially when you are first starting, you need to make sure you are buying smart at the lowest prices possible, then selling what the market will bare. Unfortunately, getting this formula right often takes a bit of time, not to mention some study and maybe even some spying on your competitors, but it's important to find out where you stand among your competition.

4. Get online. If there is anything that has revolutionized the world of business it's computers, especially when it comes to the Internet. With the Internet, you not only have probably an unlimited market, but a virtually unlimited number of resources to obtain your equipment and supplies. Companies such as and has made it easy to create custom t-shirts with very little or no investments.

5. Spread the word, relentlessly. It won't take long in the t-shirt printing business before you realize that there is a lot of competition, and if you notice the successful businesses in your area, you can find the ones who are the most aggressive at marketing themselves. It's as easy as that. If you think about it, with a few exceptions, perhaps, most t-shirt printing businesses offer the very same product, often at very comparable quality. This makes it a market that is very favourable to the buyer. In order to make it a market that is more favourable to you, you need to find something very distinctive that you can claim as your own. This might be better quality t-shirts, lower prices, printing with retail abilities, etc.

"Find a niche and fill it" might be a tired expression, but for the right person with a keep ability to discern the market, heeding the advice can explode on the market.


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