Business Cards Design Ideas

Want to give your prospective clients the best impression about your business? Well, it is possible to achieve this at your first meeting by giving them a beautifully designed business card. You can design a card in such a manner that excites the interest

Creation of a card that that will represent your company's character and style while at the same time standing out from a plethora of cards, is a factor to consider while designing business cards.

Include Service List

It is helpful to include the list of services offered on your business card because of its movement from one person to another. This will prove quite useful for clients who might have forgotten what your business deals in. The card can as well be useful in the promotion of your capabilities to both potential and existing clients, and more so, if they are not aware of the kinds of services that you offer. It is advisable that your service list remains simple provided it can give the idea of what your business is all about.

Full-Bleed Photo

Inclusion of a full-bleed photo on one side of your business card will also help in making it stand out. It is possible to display your staff, products or facilities though this majorly depends on the category of business that you run. Remember that photos to include in the business cards should be those that can persuade the customers and make them feel that they have made the right choice by coming to you. The business should, in a creative manner, be represented by your photo. This creates a feeling of immediate connection between you and your clients.


Use of texture to give your card a unique touch and feel can help in situations where potential customers rifle through different sets of business cards to find the right choice. Recycled paper, embossed paper, and UV gloss plotting are examples of ideal design options that can be used to enhance the texture.

Large Text

The use of large texts to fill one side of the business card is appropriate for business cards that are unusual and intended to draw attention. The text should be made such that it bleeds off of the edge so as to attain maximum visual impact.

Double-Duty Cards

To effectively use your business card as a marketing tool, you should have an additional purpose in mind while designing the card. Despite the difference in purposes for which cards are designed, it is important to remember that attractive and unusual things always prompt people to remain around.

Choose Good Colors

The color choice is also an essential aspect when designing business cards. However, color selection can prove quite confusing as you will have to choose it from a wide range of designs. A neutral or light colored background is the way to go while keeping images and texts clearly visible. This is mandatory for any category of business cards. Never use colors that are a bit funky. Considering the color of your company's logo design to add the right text colors to your business card is an ideal design idea that focuses on the business. To attain elegant-looking cards, opt for designs that use minimum colors.

Design a Logo

It is important that the logo designed for your business symbolizes your product as pictures naturally speak volumes of the services and goods offered in a business. If you are proficient in Photoshop, you can design the logo on your own. Otherwise, you can have the logo designed by a professional designer. But remember that logos should not be extra-large to the extent of overshadowing important information. Most people make the grave mistake of using the logo many times in the business card. The logo should be used on the business card only once.

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