Brand Building With Pinterest

Businesses are always on the look-out for the newest, hottest trend on the web, so they can jump on board. Pinterest is currently one of those fast-growing trends. However, business looking to use Pinterest as a leveraging and marketing tool need to know

Pinterest is about sharing the things that interest you and that you like with your Pinterest followers. That is the beauty of the site, and that is why a business using Pinterest as a marketing tool needs to understand the nature of the site and proceed with great care. Does that mean a business could not or should not try to leverage the power of Pinterest for business and marketing? Not really, it actually means you had better understand why Pinterest users love the site, and use it accordingly if you plan to use it as a promotional tool for your business.

Avoid Getting Pinned With a Black Eye

Okay, you won't get an actual black eye, but spamming your Pinterest followers is likely to alienate them, leaving you and your business with a less-than-glowing reputation. Crossing the line between sharing and spamming is easy to do, too. When you're excited about your business, want it to succeed, and want everyone to know about it, of course you want to pin every single item or service you offer. Is there anything wrong with that? It depends how to go about using your Pinterest account.

Don't Be Selfish With Your Pins

While it is perfectly okay to share your own work, if you only share your own work, it will probably come back to stick it to you. Eventually your followers will begin to notice that everything you pin leads back to a way that lets you make a profit. Think how you would feel if someone befriended you just so they could sell you things. You probably wouldn't think much of them and you would most likely begin to avoid contact with them, or even block them completely from contacting you. Pinterest followers are no different.

How Much Time Does it Take to Do it Right

Pinterest makes it fast and easy to share things and places you like, so you do not have to risk alienating your Pinterest followers in order to effectively share your business services or products. Install the Pinterest bar so you can click the Pin It button while you are browsing the Internet and see an interesting picture. This lets you leverage the time you spend online just browsing for fun or for information. Then, each time you add a new product or service you can click Pin It, so your followers can enjoy it and, hopefully, share it with their folowers.

One final note: Keep your ratio of for-fun pins to for-business pins at or below 50:50. If you notice, for example, that 75 percent of your pins are promoting your business, either slow down on the business pins or increase your for-fun pins.

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